Pink Grease - Cardiff Barfly

Walking into the Barfly tonight was much like walking into the reception of your dodgy auntie's fifth wedding.
There was a Duran Duran covers band (even more frightening than that, all their songs were their own, with no visible outlet of irony), little children (who really shouldn't be drinking that and smoking that) and old people.
I hear you scream.
The times are a-changing, so get with it.
Because the new cool cats on the block, with an apparent appeal ranging from those of 14 to 50 years, are the PINK. GEEEE. AARRRR. EEEESSSSSSS.
(Or Pink Grease, as their mothers know them.)
When a bassist comes on stage, only to headbutt the microphone with a large smile on his face, you know you're in for a rough night.
When a wolfy-looking fella creeps on stage, to pick up a home! made! synth, you know you're at a gig.
And when a guitarist comes on stage with heeled wellies and a vest on, you know you're standing before Pink Grease.
They writhed, they gyrated and they sexed up every single member of the crowd. (Even the 50 year olds.)
The singer found time in between songs to bite women's legs, jump onto the crowd and get a little more 'intimate' with his fellow bandmembers.
And we can't be more thankful for him. Or the guitarist with the tight perm. Or the bassist with the half-shaved head. Or the band geek at the back with his huge slab of Eighties synth-ness. Or the oh-so-skinny guitarist with the sax and the keyboard-on-a-strap. Or the drummer (who, rather boringly, just drummed.)
This band is enough to leave you ravaged, fully rock and rolled out and screaming for more.
Which is what I did the whole way home.
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Hello Again Tronic. And Indeed, What The Fuck Is Up.

Its a bit of a shite time to broke, as there is no-less of a banquet of ace releases this month.
I've yet to hear the new Mira Calix record, but the concept is interesting enough. 3 Commissions features, well, 3 peices commissioned to her by The Barbican, The Royal Festival Hall and The Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. It apparently features interplay between the human and insect world. Educational!
Another imminent release is 'Young Prayer' by Panda Bear. You may know him as one quarter of squawking nerks Animal Collective, and this is promises to be very special indeed. This record was made in a very intimate, reflective period after the death of his father and promises beautiful, introspective songs. but seeing how he has handled folk and pop with the Collective, this should prove something completely unique. Production is handled by fellow animal loon, Deakin and it looks like it'll be going out through the very new and shiny Paw Tracks label, so hopefully there should be more wonderful records to come from them.

Sub Pop! the coolest label in the world again? Could well be, fuzz fans. I picked up their new 'Patient Zero' sampler the other day and was incredibly pleased. (apart from the bad and utterly pointless Postal Service remix. DJ Downfalls 'persistant beat mix'? Do Fuck Off.) A band who intruiged me greatly were the Helio Sequence with a track called Blood Bleeds. They too have an album just surfacing right about now, and i really hope it doesnt disappoint. The track in question has a gorgeous, addictive riff akin to Sonic Youths 'Shadow Of A Doubt'. Its simply a beautiful, dark, moving song im sort of annoyed i didnt hear of them sooner, apparently they've been about.

Everybodies favorite cool cats of hip hop Stones Throw are set to release a mix cd/dvd called Stones Throw 101. Its said to feature cuts from Madvillain and Gary Wilson. Coming in November, lovely! This label is forward thinking, no doubt. Their signing of Koushik excites me most sexually.. hurry up with an album for christs sake!

Oh.. and grab some trifle and a cup of Earl Grey coz the Liars are in session for Peel tonight. Click on the wireless, vera.
Luke x
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Calling Newport……

This Monday sees the release of Goldie Lookin’ Chains debut album ‘Greatest
Hits’. The track is chock full of stomping tunes which feature lyrics the petty
bosses over at Tescos deem too rude to be stocked in their stores! As a result
of this, we want you guys to wipe the stain out of your tracksuits, don your
best Elizabeth Duke jewlerry and join us in protest outside the local Tescos in
Newport this Monday!!

We’ll be providing you with comedy GLC placards for this to display your support
of GLC. So if you’re up for helping out the GLC clarts, mail us back…

Date of the protest: Monday 13th September
City/Venue: Tescos, Newport


Safe as fuck


God bless you all.
Jon x
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Isn't It Irritating How Every Mercurys Report Has Jools Holland's Voice On It?

So, Franz won, eh?
That award'll be the death of them. (hopefully)
I kid, I love them really.
But Dizzee Rascal's latest album is only forecast as going in at number 31.
For a man of Dizzee's stature, that's awful!
You should all go out and buy NME this week, as it has the greatest band of the moment on the front cover.
And you should all download 'The Shins - Caring Is Creepy'. It lulled me to sleep last night.
Just. Beautiful.
Also, get promoting!
We're gonna be bigger than Kirstey Alley (well, maybe not that big.. You heard it here first!
Jon x
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Mong With A Dong Sings A Song.

In a gimmick too far, it has been announced that the Portugeuse, transsexual, Jimmy Hill-chinned, Big Brother 5 winner Nadia is to launch a pop career.
By career, I take that she will release one single, which will go top 30, continue to pursue more 'serious' music styles, go completely up her own asexual arse, then get caught giving blowjobs to George Best for publicity.
Apparently the material that has been written is 'some of the best ever'.
Not hard, seeing as no-one has set quite this precedent in gender-bending popular music before.
I know this isn't strictly music, but I welcome any opportunity I have to rant about her/him.
It's that fucking laugh..
Jon x
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Was I Right To Leave? C'mon, C'mon..

This is the first thing to kick my arse into posting in a very long while, but boy is it big news.
One half of your congenial (read: lazy) hosts here went to see Detroit bandwagon-jumpers The Von Bondies at Reading festival.
And very fucking good they were too.
At the signing tent it was noted how gorgeous Marcie is up close and how much Carrie looks...well, like a bloke.
Anyway, during their actual performance it became clear that Marcie was there just to make up the 'pouting, sultry, she-devil' contingent whilst the rest of the band worked their arses off and made a great deal of marvellous noise.
A few days later the news comes about that Carrie (the best female bass player I have ever seen) has, in fact left the band.
You can find a more concise, informative version of this at
Jon x
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His First Jaunt To Ifor Bach Was A Pleasant One..

I went to the trouble of arranging guestlist places and interviews with a less-than-great hasbeen band, just so I could meet up with some friends who were going. Then they pulled out and I was left with lots of needless hassle to see a band that I didn't really want to see. Nevertheless, I struggled on.

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Over and out.
Jon x
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Just Incase You Have Exactly £23.97 At Hand..

Does Sir/Miss ever feel that insatiable need for a healthy balance of comedy and dance music? Of course you do.. its something we all need in our lives. Like fresh air.
Inbetween studies of which popular exotic fruits and number of magazines read in a day give us cancer, scientists have proven that laughter plus bad ass dance-action can effectively make you live happier. Like Jesus.
Its an interesting concept though, i've yet to see the perfect hybrid of comedy and beats. I mean, if they can marry football and drum and bass together and make it work in a single event, surely to Jane this has to work . Until the perfect night out of near lung-collapse is devised, its a good fucking job im reviewing these for you. You know whats right.

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Two absolute legends of both worlds, im ashamed to be young.