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Just Incase You Have Exactly £23.97 At Hand.. - Indie/Electronic Culture For Sassy Boys And Girls [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Its A Fanzine! Crikey!

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Just Incase You Have Exactly £23.97 At Hand.. [Jun. 23rd, 2004|12:53 am]
Its A Fanzine! Crikey!
Does Sir/Miss ever feel that insatiable need for a healthy balance of comedy and dance music? Of course you do.. its something we all need in our lives. Like fresh air.
Inbetween studies of which popular exotic fruits and number of magazines read in a day give us cancer, scientists have proven that laughter plus bad ass dance-action can effectively make you live happier. Like Jesus.
Its an interesting concept though, i've yet to see the perfect hybrid of comedy and beats. I mean, if they can marry football and drum and bass together and make it work in a single event, surely to Jane this has to work . Until the perfect night out of near lung-collapse is devised, its a good fucking job im reviewing these for you. You know whats right.

"I Dont Play That Shit.."

"If you aint stolen from Richard Pryor, you aint funny" as bold a statement it is, its very true. An absolute relentless comedy revolution, you simply cannot argue with him. The current 'new wave of urban comedy', a shit term frankly, absolutely idolise Pryor and owe him a hell of a lot. (apart from his early Bill Cosby act stealing days, where he was neither relevent nor funny)
This account, filmed in 1979 is painfully honest and so compelling to watch. At this point he has just come over the peak of his drug addictions and personal traumas, its incredible to see this account next to his current wheelchair confined state.
Being a sad little white boy, you'd expect me not to 'get it', but the myth that Pryor was a comedian strictly for black folk, and simply humours his white audience is stupid. Its all about where you're at in spirit, how sharp your outlook on life and society determines how you will feel for Pryor.
Either way... this is a funny piece of work. Its absolutely gutting to see the message saying that footage of Patty LaBelle (his support) was unable to be included, but that is soon fogotten with Pryor taking to the stage.
his very opening gambit is, you guessed it, on white folk. The funniest moment is reached when he talks of his arrest and 'killing his car'. Its this kind of honesty which makes him so compelling to watch. " I dont wanna see no more police in my life..Ever... In MY house...Dragging MY ass. To. Jail"
A key feature to his sheer 'funniness' is his ability to catch emotion like when he mimicks his dogs, and even his 'boxing legs'. He incorporates surreal situations with real, dry human emotion which is just basically piss funny.
Its his energy, passion and laid-back, dry takes on situations which make him a legend. Yeah he's vulgar, yeah he 'his mouth be talkin bout nigga this and nigga that' an awful lot, and thats what makes him.
You feel beaten up after watching this, its hit after hit of sheer attack, and its great. Like being slapped by dry comedy-wood over and over again.
If you like your humour biting and uniquely surreal, and of course want to immerse yourself in something fucking ace that our whole generation missed, you could do worse than to check this out.
luke x

"Its Goodbye From Them.."

Look what i've got..
A good few weeks before its out..
its Orbitals very last album.. and its ace!
Much respect to Jon for blagging this for me (he got it from radio1 dontcha know), i was most suprised when he handed it to me.
Well, thats it then. After 15 years the Hartnolls are retiring, throwing in their ludicrous headlight-bobby-things and leaving us with this last opus.
Now, to be fair.. they have hardly been pushing back boundries since the very early ninties. they've just been increasing production quality. This sounds distinctly old-school, it appears they've refused to leave those times of aceness. Jumping on ever changing bandwagons throughout that decade of deep-house, whale farts, broken electro-breakfast and such is not for them. They were born among acid house and brought the whole fucking scene into credibility, so i suppose they feel like danceable electronic musics amazing uncle. They could do what they wanted, because everyone looked to them. And rightly so.
The opener, Transient is a tease of synth sounds and percussion priming us for the absolutely massive electro cut of Pants, which is just fantastic, and you have to be dead not to feel its energy. Tunnel Vision is just supremely heavy, with a repeated synth stab. A big rump steak of a beat if you will.
The slow, pulsing Lost is yummy and dark while You Lot is easily a stand out track. Lets be simple, and straight to the point.. its fucking ACE! With the sample of a northern voice lecturing on power and responsibility (" Cheeky Bastards" ) launching into a great 808. That melody is sexy too. Forsooth!
The heaviest track on the album is 'Acid Pants', which is quite a beasty display of acid rollosity. I suppose it would make more sense while drenched in other peoples sweat..
Ending the album is the make-no-mistake-club-ANTHEM 'One Perfect Sunrise', which i'd imagine make any raver of the mid nineties probably burst into tears. Even i get teary eyed and nostalgic, and i wasnt even there. I was in fact watching Disney films and eating fish-fingers and potato smileys. Thats how effective this track is.
So that is their wave of goodbye to all you old folk out there, and a lesson to us young 'uns that we should have really been born earlier.
luke x

Two absolute legends of both worlds, im ashamed to be young.