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His First Jaunt To Ifor Bach Was A Pleasant One.. - Indie/Electronic Culture For Sassy Boys And Girls [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Its A Fanzine! Crikey!

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His First Jaunt To Ifor Bach Was A Pleasant One.. [Jul. 11th, 2004|12:17 am]
Its A Fanzine! Crikey!
[mood |creative]
[music |The Black Keys - Grown So Ugly]

I went to the trouble of arranging guestlist places and interviews with a less-than-great hasbeen band, just so I could meet up with some friends who were going. Then they pulled out and I was left with lots of needless hassle to see a band that I didn't really want to see. Nevertheless, I struggled on.

I never knew there was such a thin line between Finch and Metallica. Hollywood Ending tiptoe that line, straying to the Finch side a touch too often for my liking, but still, the melodies were lush, the vocals spot on and there was little faulting the musical ability on display. Their tendency to perform Busted hi-jumps and the crowd's focus being directed towards the lifeless bassist in the middle aside, it was an overall solid performance for a band to produce so soon after conception.

Someone should tell Bitch Alert's lead singer that whilst having a pink guitar, pink hair, a pleated skirt, a teddy bear and little booties are deemed immeasurably cute, pulling a face like she's just unleashed something unsavoury into her underwear is not. It's very lazy to look at a female-fronted rock band and immediately assume that Courtney Love has influenced every chord. Even more so when their appeal is rooted much deeper than clichéd "FUCK THE WORLD" lyrics and a dodgy tobacco-tainted voice. Here we have a female drummer who surpasses the usual purpose of just to look pretty and lays down some decent rhythms for the youthful guitarist and bassist to plaster simple bar chord progressions over the top of. Heinie's voice is punishing at times and lilting sweet lullabies at others.
During the last song, vocal duties fulfilled, Heinie nonchalantly walks offstage and through the crowd leaving the other guitar-laden two to smack the crap out of each other with their instruments before they in turn depart.
Bitch Alert do as much for Finnish pop as The Hives do for the Swedish version. I.e. fuck all. These bitches rock. And they rock hard. With a cute smile.

I departed before 3 Colours Red bestowed us with their presence, due to them being shit. Oh, and the train timetable is stupid, but that's by the by. So now I need to go make up a review to show their PR man. Hmpft.

Over and out.
Jon x