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Hello Again Tronic. And Indeed, What The Fuck Is Up. - Indie/Electronic Culture For Sassy Boys And Girls [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Its A Fanzine! Crikey!

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Hello Again Tronic. And Indeed, What The Fuck Is Up. [Sep. 9th, 2004|11:05 pm]
Its A Fanzine! Crikey!
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |juana molina]

Its a bit of a shite time to broke, as there is no-less of a banquet of ace releases this month.
I've yet to hear the new Mira Calix record, but the concept is interesting enough. 3 Commissions features, well, 3 peices commissioned to her by The Barbican, The Royal Festival Hall and The Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. It apparently features interplay between the human and insect world. Educational!
Another imminent release is 'Young Prayer' by Panda Bear. You may know him as one quarter of squawking nerks Animal Collective, and this is promises to be very special indeed. This record was made in a very intimate, reflective period after the death of his father and promises beautiful, introspective songs. but seeing how he has handled folk and pop with the Collective, this should prove something completely unique. Production is handled by fellow animal loon, Deakin and it looks like it'll be going out through the very new and shiny Paw Tracks label, so hopefully there should be more wonderful records to come from them.

Sub Pop! the coolest label in the world again? Could well be, fuzz fans. I picked up their new 'Patient Zero' sampler the other day and was incredibly pleased. (apart from the bad and utterly pointless Postal Service remix. DJ Downfalls 'persistant beat mix'? Do Fuck Off.) A band who intruiged me greatly were the Helio Sequence with a track called Blood Bleeds. They too have an album just surfacing right about now, and i really hope it doesnt disappoint. The track in question has a gorgeous, addictive riff akin to Sonic Youths 'Shadow Of A Doubt'. Its simply a beautiful, dark, moving song im sort of annoyed i didnt hear of them sooner, apparently they've been about.

Everybodies favorite cool cats of hip hop Stones Throw are set to release a mix cd/dvd called Stones Throw 101. Its said to feature cuts from Madvillain and Gary Wilson. Coming in November, lovely! This label is forward thinking, no doubt. Their signing of Koushik excites me most sexually.. hurry up with an album for christs sake!

Oh.. and grab some trifle and a cup of Earl Grey coz the Liars are in session for Peel tonight. Click on the wireless, vera.
Luke x

[User Picture]From: inventingzero
2004-09-10 03:59 am (UTC)
reynolds reckons young prayer has touches of arthur russell about it. sounds very promising. i've read differnet stories in interviews - in one its all acoustic guitars and voice and in others its him toasting jamaica-DJ-style over techno whites...
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