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Indie/Electronic Culture For Sassy Boys And Girls

Its A Fanzine! Crikey!
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Hello and welcome to our first proper foray into the zine/journalism style of things.. This will be our little baby, a ‘start point’ if you will, whilst we wait for things to start surfacing from inside the pipeline. We have printed zines planned and promotion sorted and a plethora of ideas designed to make it the most wonderful, sparkly and informative ever! But then again, it might not be. But we’re going to have a bloody good crack at it.
This will be your congenial home henceforth for reviews, articles, essays, interviews and general chit-chat concerning good music, sassy culture, baseness and journo-savvy.
We are your hosts, Jon be_a_debaser and Luke luke_le_tronic.
Enjoy this child with us and embrace it as your own.
We will do the best we can to make you at ease in our little world and educate you.